Map of Best Breweries in America

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Um mapa com as melhores produtoras de cerveja artesanal nos EUA e uma rota otimizada com algoritmos genéticos

RateBeer puts out a list every year for top 100 breweries in the world. The rankings are based on reviews, range across styles, and historical performance (and maybe a bit of subjectivity). RateBeer just published the list for 2018. Here’s a map of the 73 U.S.-based breweries.

Brewery Road Trip, Optimized With Genetic Algorithm

Now that we know where they are, let’s find out how to visit all of them in one go.

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A Wakanow Guide to Geography

Um web-book sobre cartografia e SIG

Um web-book sobre cartografia e SIG

The Different Stages of Mapmaking

The Compass as a Mapping Device

Navigating with the Celestial Bodies

Follow these links to learn more about cartography:

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Mapping all the rivers in the United States

Um mapa de todos os cursos de água dos EUA com o código respetivo

Um mapa de todos os cursos de água dos EUA com o código respetivo

Inspired by Ben Fry’s All Streets map, which showed every road in the United States, Nelson Minar mapped every river to similar effect. As you’d expect, the geography of the United States emerges without actually mapping locations.

We saw a similar map from National Geographic, which showed the rivers of the world and took home an award for best map of 2010 at Malofiej. So Minar’s map isn’t especially new, but the good bit is that Minar posted a tutorial and his code on github, so that you can see how such a map is made.

Most of the actual cartography is being done in Javascript, in the Leaflet and Polymaps drawing scripts. This tutorial code does very little, mostly just drawing blue lines in varying thicknesses. In addition the Leaflet version has a simple popup when rivers are clicked. With the actual vector geometry and metadata available in Javascript a lot more could be done in the presentation; highlighting rivers, interactive filtering by Strahler number, combination with other vector data sources, etc.

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Five years of traffic fatalities

Exwemplo de mapa tipo "tapete" para dados cronológicos e geográficos

Exemplo de mapa tipo "tapete" para dados cronológicos e geográficos

. John Nelson extended on that, pulling five years of data and subsetting by some factors: alcohol, weather, and if a pedestrian was involved. And he aggregated by time of day and day of week instead of calendar dates.

For example, the above is the breakdown of accidents that involved alcohol. As you might expect, there’s a higher count of traffic fatalities during the weekend and late night hours since people don’t have to work the next day. Or you can see when weather is a factor:

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Guide to Maps and Mapping

Coleção de links sobre mapas

Colecção de links sobre mapas

Cartography is the study of creating maps. Cartographers are both artists and scientists who create those maps. Most maps relate spatial information two-dimensionally in order to communicate location, other geographic themes or information. Physical maps can be either flat, spherical like a globe, or digital.

There are two basic kinds of locational maps: topographic and topological. Topographic maps are produced to a standard scale, while topological maps are not. Maps have always been used to aid travelers regarding location. As information science and the need for a new way to disseminate information grew, mapping began to include themes. Dot maps for instance depict storm damage in a certain location, or how much soybean is produced in a certain state. The main purpose is to make the map meaningful to its user by keeping to a standardsymbology or legend, so that the map regardless of type, conveys the information necessary to the user who deems it valuable.

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Esri Maps for Office

software da ESRI para adicionar mapas a Excel e PowerPoint

Map-Enable Your Data

Making a map of your Excel data is as easy as creating a graph or chart. Learn more.

Impact Your Audience

Add interactive maps to your PowerPoint presentations. Learn more.

Share Maps in One Click

Quickly share your maps on the web and with mobile apps. Learn more.

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TileMill – SIGs para webdesign

Excelente software para criar mapas interativos (com dados)

Excelente software para criar mapas interativos (com dados)

Make beautiful interactive maps

Whether you’re a journalist, web designer, researcher, or seasoned cartographer, TileMill is the design studio you need to create stunning interactive maps.


Quantum GIS Project

Software Open Source SIG

Software Open Source SIG

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MapWindow GIS Open Source

mapWindow openSource software

mapWindow openSource software

MapWindow GIS desktop application is a free, open source, standards-based standalone software package that you can use to view and edit GIS data in many file formats.

Está longe de ter as funcionalidade do ArcGIS mas tem a grande vantagem de ser de código aberto.

consulte os tutoriais em pdf

veja os tutoriais em vídeo

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Poder da visualização: Iluminação nocturna

imagens de satélite

imagens de satélite

Explore Earth images at night. Use our online satellite images to zoom in on your hometown or view places far away. Compare satellite images from 1993, 1997 and 2003 to infer changes in population, energy consumption, energy efficiency and economic activity. Read more about energy issues at Energy Resources from the National Academies. What patterns of human activity can you find?

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