Young Money

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The jobs of young people with higher incomes and what they studied

By Nathan Yau

Income tends to increase with age, because more work experience and education tends to lead to higher paying jobs. However, young people can also earn higher incomes. Using data from the most recent 2022 American Community Survey, let’s see what those people studied and what they do for a living.

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The collapse of insects

Informações interessantes apresentadas sobre a forma de estória com gráficos originais como o gráfico circular das espécies

The most diverse group of organisms on the planet are in trouble, with recent research suggesting insect populations are declining at an unprecedented rate.

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More pets than children in Taiwan

boa estória com gráficos e animações excelentes

In 2018, Taiwan officially became an “aged society,” a label reserved for populations where 15-20% are 65 years or older. But that’s only the beginning. Taiwan’s on track to reach “super-aged society” status around 2025—that’s when the share of folks 65 or older goes over 20%. This rapid demographic shift makes Taiwan one of the fastest aging countries in the world, the social and economic implications of which will need careful planning and strategic policy to address.

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Climate Disasters Drain US Emergency Fund, Adding to Government Shutdown Risk

bons gráficos de barras e de linhas acumulados e várias combinações deste tipo de gráficos

By Rachael Dottle and Leslie Kaufman Green + Politics
29 de setembro de 2023

Devastating fires in Maui and the fierce winds and rain of Hurricane Idalia are just two of the record 23 billion-dollar weather disasters the US has experienced so far this year, leaving little left in the primary government relief fund. Diminished resources combined with a potential shutdown of the federal government could hamper the response to any new disasters later this year.

Due in part to a warming climate, major disasters are increasing in frequency and cost, and federal spending on recovery has grown in step. The principal source of direct federal aid is the Disaster Relief Fund. This major source of individual and public aid managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency is expected to be exhausted by the end of the fiscal year in September.

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The other greenhouse gas

Excelente infograma com pictogramas e animações muito boas

How methane from food waste contributes to global warming and why small efforts to stop it can make a big difference.

By Ally J. Levine and Daisy Chung


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Why Momentum Really Works

Uma excelente explicação de como funciona o momentum em redes neuronais

Here’s a popular story about momentum [1, 2, 3]: gradient descent is a man walking down a hill. He follows the steepest path downwards; his progress is slow, but steady. Momentum is a heavy ball rolling down the same hill. The added inertia acts both as a smoother and an accelerator, dampening oscillations and causing us to barrel through narrow valleys, small humps and local minima.

This standard story isn’t wrong, but it fails to explain many important behaviors of momentum. In fact, momentum can be understood far more precisely if we study it on the right model.

One nice model is the convex quadratic. This model is rich enough to reproduce momentum’s local dynamics in real problems, and yet simple enough to be understood in closed form. This balance gives us powerful traction for understanding this algorithm.

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The floor is lava

Um excelente infograma sobre a dissipação do calor no solo humanizado ou natural

How concrete, asphalt and urban heat islands add to the misery of heat waves

By Mariano Zafra

PUBLISHED JULY 31, 2023  15:40 AZOST

It only takes just a fraction of a second to suffer a pretty serious burn. Asphalt and concrete in direct sunlight can often reach surface temperatures as high as 82 Celsius (180 Fahrenheit) on the hottest days, said Dr. Kevin Foster, who directs the Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix.

Forecasters predict another heat wave in Phoenix this week after the U.S. National Weather Service declared the city had sweltered under high temperatures above 43°C (115°F) for 30 consecutive days in July. Across Europe, high temperature records have tumbled this summer and major heat waves in much of the world are expected to persist through August.

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Geographic misconceptions about the location of continents

Uma estória sobre a geografia com boas animações

Misconceptions often seem to have a life of their own.

If learned early on, a foundationally incorrect view of the world can perpetuate, as students naturally build knowledge in light of a past, incorrect, understanding. Something as basic as our assumptions about the relative locations of Earth’s continents is an interesting, and actually sort of fun, example of how we can get things wrong right off the bat. Ultimately, everything is learned, but some curious geographic errors tend to persist more than others.

So what are some tantalizing locational mistakes that seemingly come pre-installed in American students’ minds that geography teachers wrestle to overcome?

So glad you asked! Here is a cherry-picked handful of examples that we’ll dive into…

  • The northiness of Africa
  • The northiness of Europe
  • The eastiness of South America

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Midterm elections 2022: The issues that matter to Americans

Uma boa análise dos termos mais pesquisados por região nos EUA, com mapas.

As the 2022 midterms approach, see which issues people in your congressional district care about

All politics are local.

To identify the most decisive issues for this year’s midterm voters, Axios dug through Google Trends search data in each congressional district.

We are tracking two trends:

  1. Absolute interest, which ranks the topics people are Googling most in their districts.
  2. Relative interest, which compares the interest in a topic from one district to another.

For example, people in Montana’s 2nd Congressional District have been searching about “jobs” less frequently than people in most other districts. The topic has low relative interest there. But in the same district, people search “jobs” more than any other topic listed. So “jobs” still comes in as No. 1 for absolute interest.

You can learn more about how we measure absolute interest and relative interest below or scroll down to explore the results on your own.

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Drivers race for the 2021 World Championship

as provas de fórmula 1 analisadas em 3 tipos de gráficos


Drivers race for the 2021 World Championship

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