Switching Jobs

Bons gráficos, bastante originais…

When people move to different jobs, here’s where they go.

By Nathan Yau

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Uma boa estória com excelentes gráficos

By Giorgia Lupi

Ms. Lupi is an information designer who has been experiencing symptoms of long Covid for over three years.

Dec. 14, 2023

Every morning, I wake up in my Brooklyn apartment, and for two seconds, I can remember the old me. The me without pain, the me with energy, the me who could do whatever she wanted.

Then I’m shoved back into my new reality. As I fully come into consciousness, I feel dizzy, faint and nauseated. Pain pulses throughout my body, and my limbs feel simultaneously as heavy as concrete and weak as jelly. It feels as if a machine were squeezing my skull, and extreme exhaustion overtakes me.

These sensations have been a daily occurrence, with few exceptions, for the past three years and nine months. In the morning my boyfriend will be the one making coffee for us. He will run all of our errands. He will cook and clean. He now does all the things I used to do, the things I can’t do anymore.

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100 visualizations from one simple dataset

Montes de visualizações para uma tabela de dados com duas linhas e 3 colunas

Can we come up with 100 visualizations from one simple dataset?

As an information design agency working with data visualization every day, we challenged ourselves to accomplish this using insightful and visually appealing visualizations.

We wanted to show the diversity and complexity of data visualization and how we can tell different stories using limited visual properties and assets.

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Over 18,000 annual ER visits linked to Christmas decor incidents

Bons exemplos de gráficos de linhas

Every year, around 18,400 people[1] visit emergency rooms because of accidents with Christmas decorations. The peak day for these mishaps is usually the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when an annual average of 660 people seek medical attention for their injuries.

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Attitudes towards tipping in the U.S.

um exemplo de utilização de pirâmide de idades (com barras acumuladas) noutro contexto

Tipping seems to be in a confusing spot right now. On the one hand, customers want to support workers, but on the other, tip suggestions seem to be rising towards uncomfortable rates and in places where people don’t usually tip. Pew Research surveyed 12,000 U.S. adults to see how we’re all feeling about the current state of tipping.

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Most Common Jobs, by Income Group

Um gráfico de medianas com bolhas

By Nathan Yau

What jobs typically pay over $200,000 in annual salary? What about jobs that pay at least six-figure incomes? These are income ranges for the ten most common jobs at different income levels.

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Menstrual cycle length and variability: a visual explanation

uma boa estória, com boas ilustrações animadas e gráficas

A person’s menstrual cycle length and regularity are key indicators of their overall health. The Apple Women’s Health Study (AWHS ) is helping us characterize menstrual cycles throughout people’s lives, by enrolling study participants who provide their permission for us to collect and analyze data on a larger scale than ever before. This understanding can help people prepare for their menstrual cycles and help patients and clinicians personalize their healthcare.

In Part 1: What is a menstrual cycle?, we define and explain key characteristics of a menstrual cycle. In Part 2: How long is a typical cycle?, we explore the range of cycle lengths of people from the study. In Part 3: What is an irregular cycle?, we look at how much a person’s cycle varies from month to month. Finally, in Part 4: What determines cycle characteristics?, we discuss why we see variation in cycle characteristics through a person’s life, and why it’s important for everyone to understand these changes so that we can better prepare for them.

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What This Graph of a Dinosaur Can Teach Us about Doing Better Science

um texto muito bom sobre visualização de dados

“Anscombe’s quartet” and the “datasaurus dozen” demonstrate the importance of visualizing data

Mark Twain once wrote, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” (He attributed the quip to former British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, but its true origin is unknown.) Given the foundational importance of statistics in modern science, this quote paints a bleak picture of the scientific endeavor. Thankfully, several generations of scientific progress have proved Twain’s sentiment to be an exaggeration. Still, we shouldn’t discard the wisdom in those words. While statistics is an essential tool for understanding the world, employing it responsibly and avoiding its pitfalls requires a delicate dance.

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Why Momentum Really Works

Uma excelente explicação de como funciona o momentum em redes neuronais

Here’s a popular story about momentum [1, 2, 3]: gradient descent is a man walking down a hill. He follows the steepest path downwards; his progress is slow, but steady. Momentum is a heavy ball rolling down the same hill. The added inertia acts both as a smoother and an accelerator, dampening oscillations and causing us to barrel through narrow valleys, small humps and local minima.

This standard story isn’t wrong, but it fails to explain many important behaviors of momentum. In fact, momentum can be understood far more precisely if we study it on the right model.

One nice model is the convex quadratic. This model is rich enough to reproduce momentum’s local dynamics in real problems, and yet simple enough to be understood in closed form. This balance gives us powerful traction for understanding this algorithm.

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figshare – a home for research outputs

Uma excelente fonte de dados e estudos

the repository built to showcase all of your institution’s research outputs in one place

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