Making it easier to discover datasets

Setembro 7th, 2018 por Armando Brito Mendes

Novo recurso da google para identificar conjuntos de dados.
In today’s world, scientists in many disciplines and a growing number of journalists live and breathe data. There are many thousands of data repositories on the web, providing access to millions of datasets; and local and national governments around the world publish their data [...]

IFORS Developing Countries OR Resources Website

Julho 5th, 2018 por Armando Brito Mendes

Artigos e software relacionado com Investigação Operacional
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EURO 2018, Valencia
INFORMS International 2018, Taipei
AFROS 2018, Tunisia
EWG-ORD Workshop
APORS 2018, Nepal

SNS Trabalhadores por Grupo Profissional

Junho 23rd, 2018 por Armando Brito Mendes

Bons dados sobre o SNS
Apurar o nº de trabalhadores (empregos), por instituição e por grupo profissional, com contrato de trabalho ativo no mês de análise.
Número de trabalhadores (empregos) com contrato de trabalho ativo no mês em análise, por entidade e por mês, discriminado pelos grupos profissionais: Médicos (sem contabilizar Internos), Médicos Internos, Enfermeiros, Técnicos Superiores [...]

The 5 Computer Vision Techniques

Junho 12th, 2018 por Armando Brito Mendes

Boa introdução ao tema da visão por computador
The 5 Computer Vision Techniques That Will Change How You See The World
Computer Vision is one of the hottest research fields within Deep Learning at the moment. It sits at the intersection of many academic subjects, such as Computer Science (Graphics, Algorithms, Theory, Systems, Architecture), [...]

Basketball Stat Cherry Picking

Maio 23rd, 2018 por Armando Brito Mendes

Deep into the NBA playoffs, we are graced with stats-o-plenty before, during, and after every game. Some of the numbers are informative. Most of them are randomly used to illustrate a commentator’s point.

One of the most common stats is the conditional that says something like, “When player X scores at least Y points, the [...]

50 Great Examples of Data Visualization

Abril 30th, 2018 por Armando Brito Mendes

Bons exemplos de representações gráficas
Wrapping your brain around data online can be challenging, especially when dealing with huge volumes of information.
And trying to find related content can also be difficult, depending on what data you’re looking for.
But data visualizations can make all of that much easier, allowing you to see the concepts that you’re [...]

SQL Server Data Mining News

Março 5th, 2018 por Armando Brito Mendes

Um site com visão da microsoft para o data mining
Welcome to
This site has been designed by the SQL Server Data Mining team to provide the SQL Server community with access to and information about our in-database data mining and analytics features.  SQL Server 2000 was the first major database release to put analytics [...]

When Variable Reduction Doesn’t Work

Janeiro 31st, 2018 por Armando Brito Mendes

Um bom exemplo de como os procedimentos habituais nem sempre funcionam
Summary: Exceptions sometimes make the best rules.  Here’s an example of well accepted variable reduction techniques resulting in an inferior model and a case for dramatically expanding the number of variables we start with.

of the things that keeps us data scientists on our [...]

How signal processing can be used to identify patterns in complex time series

Janeiro 31st, 2018 por Armando Brito Mendes

Uso de técnicas de processamento de sinal em séries cronológicas
The trend and seasonality can be accounted for in a linear model by including sinusoidal components with a given frequency. However, finding the appropriate frequency for each sinusoidal component requires a little more digging. This post shows how to use fast Fourier transforms to find these [...]

How To Forecast Time Series Data With Multiple Seasonal Periods

Janeiro 31st, 2018 por Armando Brito Mendes

Análise de séries complexas com múltiplos períodos sazonais
Time series data is produced in domains such as IT operations, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Examples of time series data include the number of client logins to a website on a daily basis, cell phone traffic collected per minute, and temperature variation in a region by the hour. Forecasting [...]