Common Age Differences, Married Couples

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Bons gráficos de alfinetes e de dispersão com outlier

By Nathan Yau
Through pop culture, it sometimes seems like it’s common for there to be a wide age difference between spouses. How common are the age gaps, really? These are the age differences through the lens of the 2022 five-year American Community Survey.

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Where is there more livestock than people?

Continuing my investigation of the USDA Quickstats site I first used here

Notes on inspiration

I was first inspired to do this piece when I saw these analogous maps for France:

I figured that the USDA data I’d already been digging into had to have the data for the USA, and in fact, it did!

The data has holes in it–a county may appear one year but not the next. I got around this by using the most recent post-2010 data available for each county+animal type. When comparing these values to the human population, I made sure to use the ACS data for that same year.

The aesthetics came together very quickly. I considered doing the thing as Jules Grandin and keeping the maps ultra simple, but ultimately couldn’t resist showing the animal:human ratios instead of just which counties had more animals.

The first map ended up scratching that “ultra simple” itch, but with a bit of a twist. I chose not to show ratios in that one because it already has so much going on–I think adding in gradients of color just would have made it hard to read. I’m also quite proud of my venn diagram legend there!

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Drivers race for the 2021 World Championship

as provas de fórmula 1 analisadas em 3 tipos de gráficos


Drivers race for the 2021 World Championship

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How Russia will feel the sting of sanctions

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um artigo com bons gráficos de fitas e de áreas acumuladas

By Andrew Van DamYoujin Shin and Alyssa Fowers March 18, 2022 at 9:37 a.m. EDT

The United States, Europe and their allies rely on Russia for some oil and gas, and a few specialized materials. But they also supply Russia with much of its machinery, vehicles, technology and equipment that help Russia’s economy run.

That’s why sanctions can be so effective.

Without global trade, Russian factories would sit idle, businesses would shutter and shelves would sit bare. Even blocking some of those goods from countries that have already imposed sanctions or restrictions could dismember whole sectors in Russia. Some Russian companies that rely on imported components are already reeling — production lines at the automaker Lada reportedly went idle earlier this month.

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Who Takes Care of the Kids, By Household Income

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Um exemplo de gráfico de barras com sub-barras

By Nathan Yau

Childcare is expensive in the United States. So as you would expect, higher-income households tend to use non-parental childcare more, whereas lower-income households tend more towards only parental care. Here are the percentages, based on 2019 estimates from the National Center for Education Statistics.

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Age of Moms When Kids are Born

Um bom exemplo de gráficos de alfinetes.

By Nathan Yau

People have kids at a wide range of ages, but the moments tend towards where we are in life. There are social norms and biological norms. Based on data from the National Center for Health Statistics, we can see how these ranges shift by child number.

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The Most Frequently Used Emoji of 2021

Um relatório sobre a utilização de emojis com gráficos de pontos e high-low.

By Jennifer Daniel, Unicode Emoji Subcommittee Chair

The size of each emoji illustrates its relative popularity. Can you guess this year’s number one ranked emoji? 😉

92% of the world’s online population use emoji — but which emoji are we using? Well, it appears that reports of Tears of Joy’s death are greatly exaggerated 😂. According to data collected by the Unicode Consortium, the not-for-profit organization responsible for digitizing the world’s languages, Tears of Joy accounts for over 5% of all emoji use (the only other character that comes close is ❤️ and there is a steeeeeep cliff after that). The top ten emoji used worldwide are 😂 ❤️ 🤣 👍 😭 🙏 😘 🥰 😍 😊.

This collection of mostly positive vibes may seem familiar — it is not terribly different from the last time this data was published in 2019. As infinitely creative and diverse as the world is, the top 100 emoji comprise ~82% of total emoji shares. And yet …. There are 3,663 emoji. So, why does the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee keep reviewing proposals and adding new ones? 😵‍💫

This existential question haunts the subcommittee 👻. So, they set out to understand popularity on a more granular level: What are the most frequently used emoji? What do they have in common? Do we have too much of one type but not enough of another? How do we interpret the 83-spot leap (from 97 to 14!) in the use of Pleading Face 🥺? Check out the changes using the interactive tools of the #UnicodeEmojiMirror Project and share your observations!

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What People Spend Most of Their Money On, By Income Group, Relatively Speaking

um relatório com muitos gráficos de linhas

By Nathan Yau

The more money people come across, the more things they can and tend to buy. More money on average means bigger houses, more expensive cars, and fancier restaurants. But what if you look at relative spending instead of total dollars?

For example, if a lower income group uses 9 percent of their total spending to pay a mortgage, does the higher income group also pay 9 percent? Or does additional income go to other spending categories?

It varies.

The charts below show how different income groups spend their money, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2020. Each chart represents a spending category. Each column represents an income group.

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Television Genres Over Time

Bom gráfico de áreas acumuladas para os diferentes géneros de programas televisivos

By Nathan Yau

IMDb catalogs television episodes with up to three genres. Here’s how the distribution of genres has changed since 1945, when there were only a few shows available, up to present day, when there are more shows any human could ever need.

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How the Longest Running Shows Rated Over Episodes

Um bom gráfico de barras com muita informação

By Nathan Yau

Most television shows don’t get past the first season, but there are some that manage to stick around. These are the 175 longest running shows on IMDb that have ratings.

Episodes are colored by average rating. Some shows are consistently good, some shows people seem to love to hate, and then there are shows that are good at some point but eventually drop off.

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