Over 18,000 annual ER visits linked to Christmas decor incidents

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Every year, around 18,400 people[1] visit emergency rooms because of accidents with Christmas decorations. The peak day for these mishaps is usually the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when an annual average of 660 people seek medical attention for their injuries.

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The World Chess Championship In 5 Charts

Uma descrição de um campeonato de xadrez com gráficos de diferença, histogramas, mapas de calor e gráficos de radar.

How Magnus Carlsen cemented his GOAT status over 11 games.

By Simran Parwani and Oliver Roeder

Published Dec. 14, 2021

This article is part of our 2021 World Chess Championship series.

The 2021 World Chess Championship ended last week with Magnus Carlen of Norway, the world No. 1, defending his title against challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi of Russia. It was Carlsen’s fifth victory in the world championship, a title he has held since 2013, and the match went a long way toward cementing his status as the greatest chess player of all time.

The contest featured some of the best chess ever played by humans, nearly flawless even when examined by modern, superhuman machines. It also featured a few inexplicable blunders, and just three bad moves saw Nepomniachtchi’s chances slip quickly and irretrievably away. The match also generated a lot of data! We’ve charted some of it below.

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