Full Of Themselves

Um relatório de tratamento de dados muito bem explicado

An analysis of title drops in movies

by Dominikus Baur + Alice Thudt

A title drop is when a character in a movie says the title of the movie they’re in. Here’s a large-scale analysis of 73,921 movies from the last 80 years on how often, when and maybe even why that happens.

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How to get started with data visualization

Um excelente texto sobre como se tornar um bom artista de visualizações de dados

Sometimes, I get emails asking me “how to get started in data visualization.” Maybe you’re one of the people wondering about that. Maybe you found a book full of data vis in a bookstore, followed somebody who makes data vis on social media, noticed that you love playing with the “charts” feature in Excel, or just really like these data visualizations that newsrooms are creating.

And now you want to create them yourself but don’t know where to get started.

This article tries to give some very practical advice on your next steps. If you ask ten people for that advice, you’ll likely get ten different answers. This is mine:

1 Find out what you like about data visualizations
Don’t worry too much about data or tools
Start to visualize data
Get better at visualizing data

It’s based on the experiences I’ve had and what’s worked for me. I hope some of these ideas will help you to find your own path.

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What This Graph of a Dinosaur Can Teach Us about Doing Better Science

um texto muito bom sobre visualização de dados

“Anscombe’s quartet” and the “datasaurus dozen” demonstrate the importance of visualizing data

Mark Twain once wrote, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” (He attributed the quip to former British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, but its true origin is unknown.) Given the foundational importance of statistics in modern science, this quote paints a bleak picture of the scientific endeavor. Thankfully, several generations of scientific progress have proved Twain’s sentiment to be an exaggeration. Still, we shouldn’t discard the wisdom in those words. While statistics is an essential tool for understanding the world, employing it responsibly and avoiding its pitfalls requires a delicate dance.

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Visualizing a codebase

Uma forma alternativa de visualizar uma árvore de pastas, com círculos

How can we “fingerprint” a codebase to see its structure at a glance? Let’s explore ways to automatically visualize a GitHub repo, and how that could be useful.WHAT’S IT FOR?“Fingerprint” the structure of a GitHub repoSHARE


Imagine this: you’re looking at a new codebase, and you want to find the code for a specific function.

For example, in the create-react-app codebase,How quickly can you find a test for react-dev-utils?

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Republicans Fall Short in Voting-Rights Crackdown While Adding Hassle at Polls

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Bom relatório sobre a produção de legislação nos EUA com gráficos muito originais.

A nationwide move by Republicans to tighten voting rules in the wake of Donald Trump’s defeat has largely fizzled into a few additional hassles for voters in the next elections, far short of the sweeping changes described by both the GOP and Democratic critics.

In the name of election security, Republican lawmakers passed dozens of new voting restrictions this year, adding hurdles to mail-in voting, reducing local control over elections and targeting innovations used by large urban counties during the coronavirus pandemic, even as Democratic-led states focused on making voting easier.

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Data Visualisation: Principles in Action

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March 2020 (Organized with Toulouse-Dataviz)

  The third edition of our annual Data Visualization context has been a real success, despite the covid-19. We decided to maintain the contest, and 37 contributions were submitted. You’ll find here all the dataviz.  The event (as well as the jury) was online only and we celebrated the winner in a live Twitch broadcast gathering more than 100 viewers and recorded.

How to Lie with Graphics 
October 2019-Feb 2020 ( MIAT Toulouse;  ENS Lyon & SMART-LERECO, Rennes)

  A new (improved?) version on this really hot topic, still with 10+ rules for lying and a little bit more of structure in the presentation. I was really happy to learn even more on truncated and double axes for these seminars. Thank you all for the invitation and for the great audience. The slides of my MIAT presentation are available here,those for my ENS-Lyon seminar are there,and those for my seminar at SMART-LERECO (INRAE, Rennes) are there

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