Over 18,000 annual ER visits linked to Christmas decor incidents

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Every year, around 18,400 people[1] visit emergency rooms because of accidents with Christmas decorations. The peak day for these mishaps is usually the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when an annual average of 660 people seek medical attention for their injuries.

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Life Expectancy of Pets

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By Nathan Yau

When getting a pet, you probably don’t want to accidentally sign up for a twenty-year commitment with an impulse adoption. That’s a bad deal for you and the animal. Consider how long potential companions will be around.

Like people, individual life spans can vary based on environment and health, but you can at least get an idea.

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A new way to visualize the surge in Covid-19 cases in the U.S.

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The month of July has seen Covid-19 cases in the United States increase at the fastest pace since last winter, marking the start of the latest wave of infections to afflict the nation. A new STAT analysis of Covid-19 case data reveals this new wave is already outpacing the spring and summer waves of 2020.

There are many metrics that governments, scientists, and media outlets have used to try and reckon with the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the most popular ways of visualizing Covid data has been to track the weekly average of new cases. This is pictured below.

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