aRtsy: Generative Art with R and ggplot2

Um pacote para o R para criar arte generativa

“If you laugh at a joke, what difference does it make if subsequently you are told that the joke was created by an algorithm?” – Marcus du Sautoy, The Creative Code

aRtsy is an attempt at making generative art available for the masses in a simple and standardized format. The package provides various algorithms for creating artworks in ggplot2 that incorporate some form of randomness (depending on the set seed). Each type of artwork is implemented in a separate function.

Good luck hunting for some good seed’s! Feel free to post a comment with your best artworks and the corresponding seed in the GitHub discussions.

Contributions to aRtsy are very much appreciated! If you want to add your own type of artwork to the package so that others can also create them, feel free to make a pull request to the GitHub repository. Don’t forget to adjust generate-artwork.R if you also want the artwork to show up in the ‘Artwork of the day’ category and the twitter feed.

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