Plot for D3 Users

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Uma novo biblioteca javaScript para gráficos e comparação com D3

D3 is how I learned JavaScript, and it’s the only chart library I know well. I’m familiar with the idea of things like Vega-Lite, ggplot, and matplotlib, but I’ve never really used them; I’m a monoglot.

But D3 can be hard to learn, and a slow way to make a quick chart. I like to paraphrase Amanda Cox saying, “You should use D3 if you think it’s perfectly normal to have to write a hundred lines of code to get a bar chart.” Over the last ten years there have been many attempts to address this by building libraries on top of D3, but I’ve never gotten into any of them.

Plot, announced today, is the first thing that’s gotten through to me. Granted, if you wanna get all conspiratorial, I suppose they’re paying me to use it for work — but over the last couple months, when I start a personal project and want a chart, I’ve started reaching first for Plot.

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how you can use the JavaScript library React with D3.js

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Bom tutorial para o uso das tecnologias de visualização de dados.

React.js is a JavaScript library that helps with building complex user interfaces. This website is written using React!

I would recommend being familiar with React for this article. It might be worth running through the official tutorial or running through a book (I’ve heard good things about this one) to make sure you don’t stumble on anything in here!

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