Midterm elections 2022: The issues that matter to Americans

Uma boa análise dos termos mais pesquisados por região nos EUA, com mapas.

As the 2022 midterms approach, see which issues people in your congressional district care about

All politics are local.

To identify the most decisive issues for this year’s midterm voters, Axios dug through Google Trends search data in each congressional district.

We are tracking two trends:

  1. Absolute interest, which ranks the topics people are Googling most in their districts.
  2. Relative interest, which compares the interest in a topic from one district to another.

For example, people in Montana’s 2nd Congressional District have been searching about “jobs” less frequently than people in most other districts. The topic has low relative interest there. But in the same district, people search “jobs” more than any other topic listed. So “jobs” still comes in as No. 1 for absolute interest.

You can learn more about how we measure absolute interest and relative interest below or scroll down to explore the results on your own.

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