WHO Data Design Language

Uma linguagem para desenho de dados

Rich data experiences for public health data

Developed for the data.who.int — the new home for WHO’s public health data — the WHO Data Design Language defines building blocks and techniques for creating rich, informative, accessible and equitable information experiences.

For Kore, with 9elements.

Team: Alice Thudt, Christian Laesser, Moritz Stefaner with Philippe Rivière, Sarah Fossheim, Maarten Lambrechts, with Mathias Schäfer, Leif Rothbrust, Philipp Doll and Matt Hollidge, Fred Wheeler, Yaseed Chaumoo.

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Chroma.js Color Palette Helper

Uma ferramenta para usar a construir paletas para os seus gráficos

This chroma.js-powered tool is here to help us mastering multi-hued, multi-stops color scales.

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