Feeling Rested with Age

gráfico de barras acumuladas ou separadas

By Nathan Yau

How much you sleep each night matters, but more importantly, it’s about the quality and if you feel rested when you wake up. This seems to shift with age as responsibilities and sleep patterns change.

The following chart shows how rested people felt, based on answers to the American Time Use Survey.


People were asked, “When you woke up yesterday, how well-rested did you feel?” By age 50 to 59, the very-well group passes the halfway mark.

NBA Apps and data Database

Uma lista de sites com dados, visualizações e apps sobre basqueteball

Sravan January 10, 2024 [NBA] #apps #shiny

This database has a list of apps and websites related to NBA Data and Visualizations.










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Switching Jobs

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When people move to different jobs, here’s where they go.

By Nathan Yau

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Uma boa estória com excelentes gráficos

By Giorgia Lupi

Ms. Lupi is an information designer who has been experiencing symptoms of long Covid for over three years.

Dec. 14, 2023

Every morning, I wake up in my Brooklyn apartment, and for two seconds, I can remember the old me. The me without pain, the me with energy, the me who could do whatever she wanted.

Then I’m shoved back into my new reality. As I fully come into consciousness, I feel dizzy, faint and nauseated. Pain pulses throughout my body, and my limbs feel simultaneously as heavy as concrete and weak as jelly. It feels as if a machine were squeezing my skull, and extreme exhaustion overtakes me.

These sensations have been a daily occurrence, with few exceptions, for the past three years and nine months. In the morning my boyfriend will be the one making coffee for us. He will run all of our errands. He will cook and clean. He now does all the things I used to do, the things I can’t do anymore.

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Young Money

Bons gráficos de áreas

The jobs of young people with higher incomes and what they studied

By Nathan Yau

Income tends to increase with age, because more work experience and education tends to lead to higher paying jobs. However, young people can also earn higher incomes. Using data from the most recent 2022 American Community Survey, let’s see what those people studied and what they do for a living.

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Just How to Aid Swollen Lymph Nodes: Tips and Remedies

Inflamed lymph nodes, also referred to as lymphadenopathy, happen when the lymph nodes in our body become bigger or inflamed. Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped frameworks that belong to our immune system and also play an essential duty in filtering unsafe materials from our que es cocoa slim en argentina precio body. When they become inflamed, it is usually an indication that our body is battling an infection, inflammation, or another underlying condition. In this write-up, we will certainly discover numerous pointers as well as remedies to help ease swollen lymph nodes and advertise total wellness.

1. Determine the Source Of Swollen Lymph Nodes

Before looking for treatments, it is necessary to identify the underlying reason for inflamed lymph nodes. Typical causes consist of eretron aktiv:

Infections: Puffy lymph nodes are typically an outcome of an infection in the body, such as a chilly, influenza, or throat infection. Recognizing as well as treating the source of the infection is important in minimizing lymph node swelling.

Inflammation: Puffy lymph nodes can also be a feedback to swelling in the body, such as joint inflammation or an autoimmune condition. Treating the underlying inflammation can help ease lymph node swelling.

Cancer cells: In many cases, inflamed lymph nodes may suggest certain types of cancers, such as lymphoma or leukemia. It is essential to speak with a medical care professional for appropriate medical diagnosis as well as treatment.

Other conditions: Certain non-infectious problems like Kawasaki disease, lupus, or sarcoidosis can also trigger swollen lymph nodes. Recognizing as well as addressing these conditions is vital in taking care of lymph node swelling.

2. Practice Excellent Health

Maintaining great health is important in protecting against and reducing the risk of infections that can cause swollen lymph nodes. Follow these practices:

  • On a regular basis wash your hands with soap and water, especially prior to meals and also after making use of the bathroom.
  • Cover your mouth as well as nose with a cells or your arm joint when coughing or sneezing to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Avoid close contact with people that have contagious illnesses.
  • Maintain your home clean and frequently disinfect frequently-touched surface areas, such as doorknobs and countertops.

3. Apply Cozy Compresses

Applying cozy compresses to swollen lymph nodes can help in reducing inflammation and relieve discomfort. Here’s exactly how you can do it:

  • Saturate a tidy washcloth in cozy water.
  • Wring out excess water as well as delicately place the cozy clean cloth on the swollen area.
  • Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and repeat several times a day.

4. Obtain Sufficient Rest

Resting is critical when your body is dealing with an infection or managing swelling. By permitting your body to remainder, you are giving it with the opportunity to heal and also recover.

Ensure you get enough rest, go for 7-8 hrs of top quality rest each evening. Prevent extreme physical activities that may strain your body and worsen the swelling of lymph nodes.

5. Keep Hydrated

Drinking a sufficient quantity of water is necessary to support your body’s all-natural ability to eliminate toxic substances as well as preserve optimum health. It can additionally assist ease swollen lymph nodes by keeping your body hydrated and helping with correct lymphatic system function.

Ensure to drink a minimum of 8 mugs (64 ounces) of water each day, or more if you participate in physical activities or stay in a hot environment.

6. Take Care Of Anxiety Levels

Persistent stress can weaken our body immune system and also make us more at risk to infections and swelling. By successfully taking care of tension degrees, we can decrease the threat of puffy lymph nodes. Some stress and anxiety administration methods consist of:

  • Practicing relaxation strategies such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga exercise.
  • Taking part in routine workout, which assists release endorphins and also lower tension.
  • Prioritizing self-care activities like taking a bath, checking out a publication, or hanging out in nature.
  • Looking for support from liked ones or a psychological wellness specialist if required.

7. Consult a Health Care Professional

If inflamed lymph nodes continue for a prolonged duration, create extreme pain, or are come with by other worrying symptoms, it is very important to speak with a healthcare expert. They can give an appropriate diagnosis, suggest proper therapy choices, and resolve any type of underlying problems contributing to the swelling.

Final thought

Inflamed lymph nodes can be a result of numerous factors, consisting of infections, swelling, and also other hidden problems. By practicing good hygiene, applying cozy compresses, getting sufficient remainder, staying hydrated, managing stress levels, and looking for clinical advice when needed, you can successfully help reduce inflamed lymph nodes and support your general well-being.

How to Compose My Essay To College – Tips For a Fresh Start

Everybody would like to learn how to write my article for college. If you believe there is no possible way to get ready for this academic sentence formation check paper, then you are incorrect. There are a number of basic things you should remember while composing. In actuality, it Read the rest of this entry »

100 visualizations from one simple dataset

Montes de visualizações para uma tabela de dados com duas linhas e 3 colunas

Can we come up with 100 visualizations from one simple dataset?

As an information design agency working with data visualization every day, we challenged ourselves to accomplish this using insightful and visually appealing visualizations.

We wanted to show the diversity and complexity of data visualization and how we can tell different stories using limited visual properties and assets.

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Over 18,000 annual ER visits linked to Christmas decor incidents

Bons exemplos de gráficos de linhas

Every year, around 18,400 people[1] visit emergency rooms because of accidents with Christmas decorations. The peak day for these mishaps is usually the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when an annual average of 660 people seek medical attention for their injuries.

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How to get started with data visualization

Um excelente texto sobre como se tornar um bom artista de visualizações de dados

Sometimes, I get emails asking me “how to get started in data visualization.” Maybe you’re one of the people wondering about that. Maybe you found a book full of data vis in a bookstore, followed somebody who makes data vis on social media, noticed that you love playing with the “charts” feature in Excel, or just really like these data visualizations that newsrooms are creating.

And now you want to create them yourself but don’t know where to get started.

This article tries to give some very practical advice on your next steps. If you ask ten people for that advice, you’ll likely get ten different answers. This is mine:

1 Find out what you like about data visualizations
Don’t worry too much about data or tools
Start to visualize data
Get better at visualizing data

It’s based on the experiences I’ve had and what’s worked for me. I hope some of these ideas will help you to find your own path.

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