Failures to Act

Almost 1,300 people say New Hampshire failed to act to protect them from child abuse at youth facilities. Here’s what the allegations reveal.

By Jason Moon and Russell SamoraJune 26, 2024

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Calculating Empires

A Genealogy of Technology and Power Since 1500

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One million of us

Uma história das mortes por COVID nos estados unidos ilustrada com gráficos unitários e de linhas acumuladas.

By Sergio Peçanha and Yan Wu Updated May 18 at 3:00 p.m.Originally published May 12, 2022651

The pandemic’s death toll in the United States has surpassed 1 million people. Conveying the meaning or the magnitude of this number is impossible. But 1 million deaths is the benchmark of an unprecedented American tragedy.

Consider this comparison: The population of D.C. is about 670,000 people. Try to imagine life without every person, in every building, on every street, in the nation’s capital. And then imagine another 330,000 people are gone.

To attempt to put the 1 million deaths in context, we plotted its damage over more than two years and compared the continuing death toll with the tolls from previous catastrophes in our history.

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Um excelente relatório, muito dinâmico e com muitos mapas

Linking the devastating 2021 fires and floods in British Columbia

A Sparkgeo Story Map by Gordon Logie

2021 was a very damaging year for the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC), with the weather exacting a heavy toll. A record-breaking heat wave led into a severe wildfire season. Following these, an extreme winter rainfall event led to catastrophic flood damage which cascaded through the Canadian economy, disrupting major arteries for travel and trade.

Here at Sparkgeo, we are interested in the role that geospatial technology can play to help commercial organizations, municipalities, and the general public adapt to the challenges of a changing climate.

We believe that geospatial technologies can help not only to assess the damage from climate disasters, but also help reveal the underlying geographical factors which contribute to where and why damage occurs. This type of analysis may enable models to predict a particular location’s exposure to climate-related risk factors.

To explore this further, we present a research project examining linkages between the wildfires and subsequent flood damage in 2021

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